We source our fabrics from the remaining stocks of large companies, so-called “deadstock”. They would simply dispose of leftovers, as most of the “leftovers” offer far too little space for reproduction or a new collection. However, for our relatively small edition they are perfect.

We try to use as much deadstock material as possible in every design. We have to buy special fabrics and “ingredients” such as buttons, zippers, labels, etc. new.

This also means that our designs are limited edition. Once a margin of fabric has been used up, a design cannot be produced in the same way again.


When it comes to our materials, we make sure to use as few animal products as possible. This includes not only the obvious materials like leather, fur and wool, but also silk, adhesives made from animal products, materials coated with beeswax and the like.

Since we source the majority of our materials from surplus goods from larger companies, we can no longer trace certain materials of animal origin that are not required to be labelled by law and we therefore cannot label our products as “vegan” in good conscience.


We produce in Germany and EU countries. On the one hand, this means that the working conditions there are subject to European standards, which we can easily check. On the other hand, it is easier to be on site and to talk to and coordinate with those who are sewing.

In addition, the transport routes between our studio in Munich and the sewing shops are very short compared to a factory in China or Bangladesh. In this way, we also ensure less environmental pollution through short transport routes.


Parcel boxes that were sent to us and are stable and undamaged will be reused for shipments. Almost every box that makes its way to a customer from us has therefore already been on its way.

They get a sticker for every place they have been and tell a little travel story.


No matter whether about specific designs, our processes or other aspects – if you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to us at any time by email to post [at] or follow us on social media!

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