styleCHECK: Embroidered Blouse

style CHECK embroidered blouse

Cannot see the top of NYCs skyscrapers and temperatures finally go under 30 degrees - this is the time for a light layer -on look with a bit of glam!




From Dusk Till Dawn – this look is a chamaeleon.

New Yorks ever changing weather did not make it easy for me chosing an outfit. Basically you had to walk around the block checking temperature, insolation and humidity before chosing a look. The latter was rather high that day. Temperatures were finally below 30 degrees, which did not mean it was cold. This called for an easily transformable look that is light and comfy.

As I was describing in my last post, temperature inside the subway system is like the slogan of a very successfull HBO series: “Ice & Fire”! The platforms are completely overheated, the train is highly air-conditioned. Going out without a jacket is an absolute no go, should you not desire spending half you holiday with a nasty cold.

So I chose an immensely cool lace blouson, which was provided by German brand MiaModa  for Tanja, Alisa and me. And it was the perfect choice! The lining a warm bordeaux colour and very lovely on the skin. As a fashion designer, the feel of the material is sometimes even more important than the look, so I instantly fell in love with the feeling.

To incorporate this colour into the look again I applied lipstick in the same hue. I love a matte lippy, not only because it makes for a modern look but also because it does not smudge as easily and therefore is an every day go-to.


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Unusual weather for New York City. Today it was 68 and foggy. No, wait a minute, that's me. I'm sorry, that's me. about the weather

David Letterman

Alle NYC - Looks anschauen

To finish the look, I am wearing the only flat pair of shoes I packed for NYC (priorities). White sneakers are so easy to wear with a lot of styles and of course very comfy. An important point in a city that is as large as NYC.

Equally as important are a well fitting pair of jeans. One that does not pinch and nip. One that does not skid down. One that plays along sitting on the famous Bethesda stairs at the heart of Central Park. And also this item is one I found at  MiaModa! The casual faded look is a great contrast to our embroidered blouse that I styled in a sexy way with a Wonderbra underneath.

In the evening I switched my sneakers for a pair of pumps – party look finished! On how shoes can totally transform a look I wrote about in my last NYC – post with fluffy sandals.

Tanja and me after our photo session at the Bethesda – Fountain that was the setting for a great many productions like  “One Fine Day“, “The Avengers” and “Doctor Who“.

Good to know: The angel statue in the middle of the fountain was designed by artist Emma Stebbins. She was the fisrt female artist to receive a piublic commission for a mayor work of art in NYC. An important step for recognition of female artist.

High, higher, out of sight: the top of this skyscraper vanished in the fog!




I am Katja, designer and fashion stylist at mable.

I love to combine unique pieces with great basics to create my very own look.

In my freetime I love to read loads of fantasy novels, bake and look low carb and look online for the newest shoe trends.